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“I can drive my new Manual-Shift Mustang – with my Guidosimplex Clutch!”

Did you ever think you could use Hand Controls to drive a stick shift, hand controls for clutch?  One of our favorite clients — a racing enthusiast — has become somewhat of an expert on Guidosimplex clutches.  He has been a Guidosimplex user since 2008 — and uses Guidosimplex hand controls in all of his vehicles — including a large diesel truck that tows a car-hauling trailer!

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Our Newest Low Effort Lever-Style Hand Control for your Vehicle

Are you in the market for NEW hand controls for you vehicle?  Are you looking for more information on improved hand control systems for your car?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  This post will introduce you to the GuidoSimplex newest, low effort, lever-style hand control called the OCEANIA.

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Driving Disabled: Adaptive Driving with Spinal Cord Injuries

If you have motor and/or sensory loss in your lower limbs due to a spinal cord injury, you may be thinking that driving your own vehicle may be out of the picture or nearly impossible... but technology has increased possibilities for those with limited mobility!

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Innovative, Sleek, Customizable Hand Controls for Vehicles

Welcome to the GuidoSimplex (GX) USA Blog!  Our GX blog will be talking about and explaining who GuidoSimplex USA is, what adaptive driving equipment we have to offer, and how our hand controls for cars work. We will also bring you updates about GX around the world and the future of GX.

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